August 2nd, 2021


Our goal at Mint Fund is to empower creatives. Largely, that has been through the thoughtful practice of onboarding global creatives to mint their first NFTs.

We've onboarded artists from 18 countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, and more. Selected artists complete onboarding and attend a series of workshops to then receive a grant. To date, Mint Fund has received ~42 ETH from ~74 contributors, and we have distributed ~12 ETH in total to artists. With gratitude to all who have contributed to the fund, 44 NFTs have been successfully minted by artists representing a diverse range of perspectives, practices, locations, and identities.

Some of the incredibly talented artists to join Mint Fund include: 3D artist Rimbawan Gerilya, multimedia artist Moyosore Briggs, photographer Ashmit Galav, designer Ravi Vasavan, musician Eddington Again, performance artist Niall Ashley, 3D artist The Glad Scientist, designer Gian Ferrer, illustrator O’Plerou, animator Tigris Li, concept artist Tondji, and so many more.

May 5th, 2021

Update: A special thank you to David for winning the auction and for supporting this initiative. If you are one of 14 artists that minted on Mint Fund Batch 01, or $BOUNTY holder, you can claim your split below. A full breakdown of the split allocations can be found here.

On February 28th, we unveiled our first 35 artists. After two weeks of onboarding, planning, and networking, we knew it was time to mint. We instituted the “Round” method of minting works in groups every Wednesday and Saturday. To date, 14 of those artists have successfully minted and released their first NFTs out into the world. This post serves as a highlight and reference to memorialize the group that started it all.

March 6th, 2021

Update: $BOUNTY Crowdfund has been fully funded. Thank you to all contributors and supporters. We are currently coordinating a candidate search to hire the bounty developer and we are grateful to have the Mirror team assisting with technical evaluation of candidates and submissions.

If you think you are the right candidate please email us at

March 6th, 2021

Two weeks ago we asked our community to help bring open source NFT reserve auction functionality to the world. Today, we’re auctioning off that code (with the code!) as a 1/1 NFT.

Reserve Auctions are a mechanism for selling NFTs widely credited with creating more value for artists, but they have typically been limited to proprietary marketplaces. We wanted to bring a robust and completely permissionless version to anyone who wants to use it.

By open-sourcing this implementation of a reserve auction, we hope to directly empower creators by giving them the tools they need to freely sell their work, on their terms.